A devoted companion with a playful personality

Big, muscular and strong, the Rottweiler is loyal and has a natural guarding instinct. They need human contact, good training and firm, consistent handling from birth – they must always know who’s boss. Rottweilers also need a large amount of space and exercise – they are playful and enjoy chasing games.

Vital Stats

Size: Large
Coat: Short and thick
Exercise: 2+ hours a day
Life span: 8 – 10 years
Breed group: Working
Temperament: Devoted, good-natured, courageous
Size Large Coat Short
Exercise 2+ hours Life span 8-10+years

Rottweiler Temperament & Personality

Highly intelligent and confident, a Rottweiler’s traits include a strong instinct to guard and protect, due to originally having been bred as working dogs for farmers and butchers, which has resulted in them been unfairly branded as an aggressive breed.


Rottweiler Training & Exercise

Rottweilers are adaptable, versatile dogs with loving, curious natures


Rottweiler Grooming

Rottweiler grooming is low-maintenance, as their fur is short and waterproof, providing protection from the elements

health and nutrition

Rottweiler Nutrition

Rottweilers can be prone to bloat (where, in extreme cases, the stomach can become twisted), so it’s important to feed two smaller portions a day, instead of one larger helping.

Rottweiler insurance considerations

Choosing the right insurance for your Rottweiler can help keep them happy and healthy whatever happens. Some conditions that we see they are prone to are not always covered by other provider’s policies as they limit what they’ll pay for certain conditions, like cruciate ligament injuries. It’s important that when choosing dog insurance, you consider the length of time policies cover different conditions, as some can become lifelong. With Petplan’s Covered for Life® dog insurance we have no additional limits for specific conditions or diagnostic tools, and the veterinary fees refresh each year allowing you to claim for ongoing conditions for the rest of your dog’s life, providing there is no break in cover.

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