These easy going and energetic dogs are a top choice for first-time owners

A cross between the nation’s much-loved Labrador and Poodle breeds, Labradoodles are kind and affectionate with plenty of energy and a playful nature, making them an ideal family dog. High energy, these active dogs are best suited to families who can take them for long, interesting walks of up to an hour a day. Labradoodles are very playful and can remain puppy-like well into their senior years.

Vital Stats

Size: Medium to large
Coat: Three types: hair coat, wool coat and fleece coat, hypoallergenic
Exercise: 1 hour a day for adult dogs
Life span: 12-15 years
Breed group: Crossbreed (Gundog & Utility)
Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, curious
Size medium
Coat short
Exercise 1 hr Life span 12+years
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Labradoodle Temperament & Personality

Extremely friendly and outgoing, the Labradoodle’s characteristics are similar to that of a small child – playful, busy, eager to please and curious about the world around them.

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Labradoodle Training & Exercise

Fun-loving Labradoodles have lots of energy and tend to be easy to train. For a high-energy Labradoodle, exercise should include at least an hour of physical activity each day. Making games a part of your Labradoodle training plan will help exercise their minds and prevent boredom too.

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Labradoodle Grooming

Labradoodle coat type can vary depending on the dominance of their parents’ genes. All coat types are considered non to low shedding, but regular maintenance is essential.

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Labradoodle Nutrition

Labradoodles love food and eating and will happily try to eat anything that they find, even if it’s not edible!

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What To Know Before You Buy Or Rehome a Labradoodle

Considering offering a Labradoodle puppy a home? Before you buy or adopt a Labradoodle, here are a few crucial things to take into consideration.

Labradoodle insurance considerations

Labradoodles sometimes suffer with certain health conditions and may require treatment. Petplan dog insurance offers peace of mind that they will always be protected.

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