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Pet furniture ideas for your cats and dogs

Pet furniture ideas for your cats and dogs

Owning a cat or dog means giving over your home to a pet who, surprisingly enough, may not have the same respect for your newly refurbished chaise lounge as you do.

However, there’s a growing trend for specially-designed pet furniture that will allow your furry friend to be stimulated and entertained within your home.

Below are some of the most innovative and interesting examples that Petplan has come across. As always, if there’s anything you think we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below…

Sofa bed cover

Starting with something relatively simple, this chair or sofa cover allows your cat or dog to lie on your furniture without getting hair everywhere. It’s got raised sides to give them their own space and somewhere to rest their head, but still allows them to clamber over when you want to cuddle up together.


Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounge

It may be hard to imagine as we enter the darkest and coldest months of the year, but there is a period of the year (it usually lasts a couple of days) when being outside is a pleasure rather than a chore. This lets your pet to sit outside and keeps your dog safe from the sun’s rays – although there’s a good chance you’ll want to join them for a snooze in the shade.

Two dogs lying on a chaise lounge

Pet Hammock

A blanket may be enough for most cats and dogs but, if your pet demands a bit more luxury, then this hammock could be the answer. Anyone who’s ever attempted to get into a hammock will know just how tough it can be but, with a sturdy frame, your pet should be able to manage it more gracefully than their human counterparts.

A small dog lying on a hammock

The Cat Library

Incorporating interesting spaces for your cat to play into your home can be a tough ask. However, this book case has been designed to provide stairs and climbing opportunities for cats, as well as a place to store your paperbacks – as long as you don’t mid a few scratches on your first editions.

A cat climbing a bookcase

Cat Wall Play Place

Bringing together a climbing frame for your cat and a place for them to rest, this is attached to your wall and comes in a variety of different styles. However, it’s not cheap and having a hammock and play area attached to your living room wall wall may not be to everyone’s taste.

A cat playing on a wall-bound hammock

*Products are not endorsed by Petplan

Is there a great bit of furniture you can’t live without? Is there something your pet loves to scratch to pieces? Let us know your story below…

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Jordan Walker
Wow! I love the idea of a pet hammock. My mum's cat always scratches my favorite sofa. It annoys me since I really the sofa. It's the first furniture that I bought with my first salary.
my dog is an American staff bull terrier he has that raised red bump between his toes he is a very placid dog but if you touch or even say paw he gets aggressive, I am frightened to bring him to vet in case he bites and they might think he is always aggressive and put him down I love him too much and ive had him 9 yrs he wont let anyone put a musle on him ,he is quite large, what do you advise he is almost crippled with this and he has always been such a lively dog.. help
Web Design Company
Very Nice Furniture ideas for dogs and pets. I really Like the Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounge for dogs. Keep Sharing
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