How to Teach a Puppy to Lay Down

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Training a puppy to lie down is useful for some reasons, and naturally follows on from the ‘Sit’ command in your puppy’s training.

How to Teach a Puppy to Lay Down

If your dog is food motivated, this will help with ‘lie down’ training.

Using food, lower your pup into the sit position. Lower your hand to the floor between your pup’s feet, and they should follow. Pull your hand and the treat outwards, and your pup should get into the desired ‘down’ position.

If successful, reward immediately with the treat and repeat again.

Saying the command: ‘Down’

When you are confident that your puppy is completing the down action each time, you can label it. If you’re happy that they are performing the behaviour, introduce the command ‘Down’.

Keep your voice calm and even, and try to avoid an excitable tone. Repeat the action and command again by raising your puppy back up to the sit position, and then moving your hand down and repeating the command ‘Down’.

Timing is crucial, so be sure to reward your puppy with food as soon as they lie down. Resistance should lessen, and the action should become a lot more natural after repetition.

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