How to train your kitten to use a scratching post

Finding that your brand new sofa has been clawed to shreds courtesy of your new kitten can be an incredibly frustrating and disheartening experience.

Often, our natural reaction is to tell them off for their naughty behaviour. However, it’s common for kittens to use their claws to mark what they feel is their territory and as a way of filing down their claws.

So, the best way to save your furniture from being ruined is to train your cat on how to use a scratching post. Petplan looks at how to train your kitten to scratch the pole instead of your sparkling new upholstery…

Finding the right post for your cat

There are different types of posts available, so it’s important to find the right one for your cat. For example, when choosing a vertical post, it must be tall enough for your cat to stretch up and still have room to scratch.

Some cats prefer horizontal posts, as they are most commonly placed on the floor, where your cat may be used to scratching, this is a good way to encourage them to use the scratching pad.

The different textures available can also make a difference, with some cats preferring a softer, cardboard-like material, while others favour a strong rope texture.

Scratching post training tips

The younger you begin training your kitten, the quicker and more likely they will use it. Cats often begin scratching after they are weaned, so this is a good time to introduce a scratching post.

As with any training, persistence is key. Eventually your cat will get used to using the scratching post and it will become their first port of call when they want to mark their territory, or just file down their claws.

Are you training your cat to use a scratching post? Do you have any advice for anyone who is? Leave a comment below…