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How Your Pet Can Help With Your New YearNew Year’s resolutions: how your pet can help you keep yours!rsquo;s Resolutions

How Your Pet Can Help With Your New YearNew Year’s resolutions: how your pet can help you keep yours!rsquo;s Resolutions
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New Year’s resolutions – a lot of people make them, but not many people are able to keep them.

However, if you’re able to get your pet involved with your goals for 2015, then we think there’s a good chance you’ll be able to stick to your plans.

Here are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make and how your pet can help you achieve them…

Get healthy

Perhaps the most common resolution. Getting healthy in the New Year tends to mean joining a gym or starting a new diet but, for dog owners, getting healthy could involve more regular walks or runs with your dog and less sweating in front of gym mirrors.

With older dogs, aim for regular, shorter walks and don’t suddenly increase the amount of exercise they get as this can leave them stiff and sore the next day.

You and your pet should have regular visits to your doctor or vet so, while you’re getting healthy, why not book an appointment for you both in January? It's also vital to keep on top of things, like ensuring you have the correct cat or dog insurance cover, so January is a great time to make sure everything is spot on.

Spend more time with your family

Most animal-lovers consider their pet a member of the family so this New Year’s resolution is perfect.

Spending some quality time with loved ones could involve trips away or simply putting aside time to spend with your family at home.

Whether you want to play with your pet in the garden or stay warm inside with a film, you can spend quality time with the people (and animals!) who mean the most to you.

Visit new places

Making an effort to visit new places is a great resolution and having a pet at home should be seen as an incentive rather than a hindrance when it comes to getting away for the weekend.

With hundreds of great dog walking locations across the UK to entice you – and more and more hotels and house rentals becoming pet friendly – there’s really no excuse to stay at home.

What’s your resolution going to be this year and does it involve your pet? Let us know below…

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Nina dyke
Hi, my husband and I walk our dog Jeb lots and he loves it. I am currently training for a 10k run in Somerset and our boy has been doing all the running with me even though I don't run very fast Jeb seems to find his own pace and runs along side me gently making sure he doesn't pull me. He is 9years and is still a very active,healthy and v happy dog who we adore. I can't see the point of having a dog a not spending quality time with them. They have the right to an fulfilling life and if you a pet owner it is your responsibility to make that happen. People don't do the research before getting pets, if they did there wouldn't be so many animals needing new homes. I work at a rescue centre and it drives me potty!!!
Grace Perkins
I have a rescue dog a miniature Schnauzer I have had her for four years. Please could you tell me what her correct weight should be she is ten years old . She was very must overweight had been used for breeding .in the past. her weight now is 9.90kg.Thank you.
Janet MacGowan
Casper and Daisy are my two gorgeous rescue rabbits who have lived with us for 18 months. Since the start of the year we have been trying to create a bit more 'family time'and our efforts have included the two buns. Initially I moved their run so they could interact with us each time we went into the garden to put the rubbish out etc. Their curiousity, confidence and ability to be more sociable have increased. They now love to peer in through the French door windows to see what we're doing in the kitchen. Daisy has also taken to srapping her paws on the glass and becomes quite persistent if no one goes to see what she wants, give them a love or let them both in the house. It is fantastic that their little attempts to amuse has brought us all mmmmuch special pleasure and conversation at the end of each busy day!!!
Hi NinaThanks for sharing your pet resolutions with us! Do keep an eye out on our future blog posts and we hope you find them helpful.Thanks,Jade - The Petplan Team
Hi GraceThank you for your question. When viewed from above, your dog should have a noticeable waist, between the end of the rib cage and the start of the hind quarters. When you run your hand over your dog's back and sides with light pressure you should be able to feel his spine and rib cage. If you are unsure take to local vets for a weight check – most vets do these checks for free!ThanksJade - The Petplan Team
Hi JanetThank you for sharing your pets resolutions with us. Do keep an eye out on our future blog articles, which we hope you will find useful.ThanksJade - The Petplan Team

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