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Are you neglecting your cat’s teeth?

Are you neglecting your cat’s teeth?
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Q: My vet says my eight-year-old cat’s teeth are in poor condition. I’ve fed her tinned food and have never cleaned her teeth. Is this just old age?

A: In an ideal world, we should brush our pets’ teeth twice daily. Imagine the state of our teeth if we hadn’t brushed them for eight years!

In the wild, a cat would naturally keep her teeth clean with what she eats, but as we feed our pets food that is very different from their natural diet, we need to take responsibility for their dental health, too.

I suspect your vet may have advised a dental treatment under general anaesthetic. If so, this is a good time to start actively maintaining your cat’s teeth.

She is unlikely to tolerate your brushing them after all these years, but there are dried diets available that effectively act like toothbrushes, with textured nuggets that don’t shatter but allow the teeth to sink through them. There are also specific dental chews for cats.


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