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How to control your food-aggressive rabbit

How to control your food-aggressive rabbit

Q: My rabbit is becoming very food-aggressive. Can you give me some advice on how to handle him?

A: Rabbits can become aggressive over food because it is of high importance to them. In the wild, rabbits spend a lot of time foraging. Giving a pet rabbit a whole bowl of concentrated food may result in it 'defending' it. If your bunny has a good-sized hutch and run (as all rabbits should have), scatter the food on the floor or in the grass rather than in a bowl. Think about getting an activity feeder, such as a ball or a cardboard box with holes cut in it, where your rabbit has to push the ball/box about to get the food out. When you are petting your rabbit, feed it long pieces of hay or carrot by hand so that it starts to learn that hands approaching signify something good rather than threatening.

Inga MacKellar, animal behaviourist

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