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How to stop your puppy weeing indoors

How to stop your puppy weeing indoors

Q: I've had my seven-month-old German Shepherd pup since he was 11 weeks old. He was easy to toilet train at first but for the past six weeks, he's been weeing by the back door at night, even though his last wee is at midnight. I don't chastise him but it's frustrating. The vet says he is in excellent health.

A: You are absolutely right in not telling your pup off for urinating in the night. Although puppies often learn quite quickly to urinate outside during the day, it's not unusual for them to find holding on through the night a bit much. As it gets light very early in the summer, it could be that the dawn has been waking him and, once he is awake, he needs to urinate. Putting up some thick curtains or blinds may help. I would also suggest that you try getting up as early as you can to calmly and quickly let him out into the garden, and then immediately settle him down again and go back to bed yourself. Over a few weeks, get up 10 minutes later each day to get his bladder used to holding out a bit longer, until you are back to your normal getting up time. Remember that he is still a young dog and it may take another month or so for him to be totally clean. Always praise him for urinating outside.

Inga MacKellar, Animal Behaviourist

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Lucie Inns
I have a similar situation with my cat Billy. He's a 3 and half year old 'house cat' and has been house trained ever since he came to live with me 3 years ago. He has always used his litter tray. However recently he has taken to weeing on a rug in the sitting room. I have tried so many carpet sprays that are supposed to repel the cat from weeing but none of them work. Billie seems very happy and eating well with no signs of distress or illness. Have you any suggestions why he might be doing this?
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