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Debate: Is premium cat or dog food worth the money?

Debate: Is premium cat or dog food worth the money?
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Exercise and a healthy diet are vital for humans and animals alike but, unlike us, our pets have very little say in what they put into their bodies.

Which is why choosing the right food for your pet is something that should be given serious attention. However, with so many brands and so many different prices, the choice can often appear overwhelming.

How do you go about choosing food for your pet? Do you use the most expensive one you can afford? Or do you think cheaper products are just as good?

Opinion is hugely divided on whether it’s worth paying extra for premium brand pet food.

Some people are convinced that you need to spend a little more on your cat or dog if you want them to remain fit and healthy.

Others reckon expensive pet foods are nothing more than bog-standard pet food wrapped in fancy packaging.

There is also a smaller third group – a group of people who cook a separate meal for their pet and refuse to feed them anything pre-packaged.

So, do you think expensive pet food is worth the money? Will your cat only eat premium products? Does your dog devour anything put in front of them?

Let us know your pet nutrition stories and your top tips below… 

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I used to feed my cats regular supermarket brands and that was fine, but I have switched them to Royal Canin (after acquiring a British shorthair who gorged and then threw up on the tiny kibbles - the RC BSH version has larger chunks to slow him down). All their coats are in better condition than ever, they are satisfied and content, have plenty of energy and are never poorly. It costs me a fortune but does last longer than a comparative sized supermarket brand and they're all so healthy that I wouldn't go back.
Jordan Walker
I always make sure that my dog is eating the right food. Instead of giving a processed food, I give him homemade food since processed food does not always guarantee the right amount of nutrients.

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