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Petplan reveals the truth behind common dog myths

Petplan reveals the truth behind common dog myths
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Whether it's an old wives tale or something you’ve found recently online, there is no shortage of conflicting and misleading information available about dogs.

While it’s all meant to be helpful, some of it can cause undue distress to owners and pets, which is why getting the facts straight is so crucial.

Thankfully, Petplan is here to help! We’ve found some of the more common myths surrounding dogs and revealed the truth behind these claims…

Letting my dog out in the garden is plenty of exercise

A healthy dog requires mental stimulation and human interaction as well as exercise so simply letting them out into your garden is not enough in terms of exercise.

Though different sized dogs will require different levels of physical activity, is it essential for any dog’s wellbeing to be taken for walks and played with – it’s also this interaction that makes having a dog such an amazing and worthwhile experience for you!

Dogs are colour blind

This is true – but only to a certain extent.

Dogs don’t see the full range of colours that we see – they are actually believed to be red-green colour blind. This means your dog may have trouble differentiating between a red toy and a green toy but that’s about the extent of it.

The myth that dogs see in black and white is just that, a myth.

Dogs wag their tail when they’re happy

This can sometimes be true, but not always.

Dogs wag their tail for many reasons and, while this could mean that they are happy, this behaviour can just as easily indicate fear or stress.

Learning to read what your dog is telling you from a range of indicators – not just the wagging of their tail – will go a long way to maintaining a good relationship.

Brushing a dog's teeth is pointless

Brushing your dog’s teeth actually has many benefits – it not only freshens your dog’s breath but also limits the risk of oral disease.

It also gives you a chance to notice anything unusual happening to teeth and gums and ensure anything abnormal is caught early.

As with anything like this, consult with your vet to get the best advice about dental care.

A warm or dry nose means my dog is sick

A dry nose is not related to your dog's health, just as a wet nose should not be considered a conclusive indicator of good health – it shouldn’t be used as a barometer for their well being.

Ensure you keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, regardless of what their nose is like and speak to your vet if you have concerns and, of course, make sure they have the right dog insurance!

What are the strangest myths you’ve ever heard about dogs? Let us know your story below…

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Jordan Walker
Thanks for revealing these truths behind common dog myths. I always make sure that my dog has mental and human interaction. I don't let him out in the garden alone.
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Hi JordanMany thanks for sharing your comments with us. We are glad you found our article useful. Do keep an eye out on our blog posts we post each week.ThanksJade - The Petplan Team

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