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What to do if your puppy is vomiting

What to do if your puppy is vomiting
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Q: My puppy has been vomiting for the past week. The vet suggested withholding his food and prescribed medication, but these don’t seem to have made a difference.

He is bright enough and is eating again, although less than before. Should I worry?

A: I would definitely revisit your vet as, just like a human baby, puppies are very delicate creatures and should not be allowed to be unwell for long. It could be that your dog has swallowed something, such as part of a chewed toy, which may be swirling around in his stomach and unable to pass.

Otherwise, he could be in need of a change of food, or be eating too much, too quickly. Or it might be an infection.

Don’t let this go on too long before considering X-rays and further options, as the weaker a puppy gets, the less strength they have to recover from illness.

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