New Kitten Checklist
Co-authored by

Noel Fitzpatrick

Veterinary Surgeon

Supervet’s New Kitten Checklist

When you find the right kitten to join your family it is time to start preparing for the day you bring them home. Looking after the health and happiness of your new family member is an important responsibility, and lots of fun too. Here are some tips for what to start thinking about before the big day.

What to do before collecting your kitten

  1. Register with your local vet practice. This is an important part of pet guardianship. Register your kitten with your chosen vet and ask them about topics such as preventative healthcare microchipping and neutering.
  2. Book vaccination appointments. Vaccinations will protect your kitten from a range of common diseases. Check with the breeder or rescue centre which vaccinations your kitten has already had and when they'll be due next and ask your local veterinary practice for advice if you have any questions.
  3. Consider cat insurance. When choosing cat insurance, be aware that cover can vary greatly between policies. Cheap pet insurance so look for a policy that will give you comprehensive cover and support the health of your kitten in the long term rather than a short-term deal.
  4. Kitten proof your home and garden. Close off small gaps and fireplaces, cover electrical wires, remove any poisonous plants and put away dangling objects and anything breakable. The extent to which you pet-proof your garden will depend on whether your kitten will be an outdoor or indoor cat, but make sure your kitten can explore safely if they will be venturing outside.
  5. Focus on the essentials. There's no shortage of pet products available but start with the basics. Think about what your kitten will eat, where they will sleep, a litter tray and any grooming requirements they may have. You will also need to transport your kitten from time to time so a carrier may be useful plus toys to provide mental stimulation and a scratching post to help keep their claws in good condition.
  6. Prepare your family. The arrival of your new kitten will inevitably be an exciting time so talk to your children in advance about settling in a new kitten and any house rules you want to put in place to ensure the kitten can rest and have quiet time when needed. It's also important to plan how you

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