7 of the best free cat apps

From moggie-themed mobile games to feline-friendly dating, we round up some of the top smartphone apps for cat owners.

You’ll find a huge range of free cat apps on app stores these days – but which are actually worth downloading? Whether you’re looking for games to entertain you or your pets, you want to learn more about cats, or you’re seeking romance with a fellow animal lover, there’s bound to be an app for that! The cat apps listed here are all free to download, although you might have to pay for premium features or to remove ads.

Great for discovering cat breeds: Cat Scanner

Spotted a gorgeous feline? Upload a photo to Cat Scanner and it will identify the breed with impressive accuracy. The app can recognise 60 different types of cat, including some literal wild cards (think: lions and cheetahs)! And not to worry if there are no felines around – you can try it out on humans instead...

Cat Scanner for iOS; Cat Scanner for Android

Great for keeping your cat entertained: Cat Fishing 2

If you don’t mind your moggie getting her paws on your tablet or phone, there are plenty of app games for cats to test her reflexes. Not every cat takes to online gaming, but bigger screens tend to work best, and you may need to show her what to do! The Cat Fishing games from Purina Go-Cat lets her practise her hunting skills by tapping to catch fast-moving fishies.

Cat Fishing 2 for iOS; Cat Fishing 2 for Android

Great for pretending to speak cat: Human-to-Cat Translator

Record a short audio message, and this app will translate it into a sequence of miaows sampled from real cats. As the disclaimer notes, it ‘does not provide true Human-to-Cat Translating functionality’, but it’s certainly entertaining.

Human-to-Cat Translator for iOS; Human-to-Cat Translator for Android

Great for translating what your cat is saying: MeowTalk Cat Translator

It’s not always obvious what our pets are trying to tell us. But this app, developed by a former Amazon Alexa engineer, promises to help decode your cat’s miaows. MeowTalk uses machine learning to get to know her individual vocalisations, with your help. Just don’t expect an in-depth chat – the app recognises 13 key cat phrases, such as ‘Hello’ and ‘Feed me’.

MeowTalk for iOS; MeowTalk for Android

Great for pretending to be a kitten: Cat Simulator

This is one of several cat simulation games that allow players to channel their feline side. Once you’ve chosen your cat’s appearance and got the hang of navigating around, you’re free to start exploring the game’s various locations – and causing havoc! Tackle time challenges, find food and bonus items, take naps and scratch or break everyday items to earn rewards.

Cat Simulator for iOS;Cat Simulator for Android

Great for dating fellow cat lovers: Tabby

Pet dating apps like Tabby allow pet owners, or would-be owners, to connect with like-minded, animal-loving singles in their area. Billed as ‘the cat person’s dating app’, it works rather like other ‘swipe right’ apps – except users are encouraged to profile their pets as well as themselves. The app is free to join, browse profiles, chat on social feeds and send messages. But if you want to read a private message, you’ll need to start paying.

Tabby for iOS; Tabby for Android

Great for super-simple gaming: Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Gameplay is minimal in this hit cat game from Japan: keep your backyard stocked with cat food and accessories, and you’ll soon notice a host of stray moggies appearing next to them. It really is as simple as that! The app is intended to be easy for children to play (just keep them away from in-app purchases). But the cute animation and surprise visits from rare cat characters have charmed many an older kitty collector, too.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector for iOS; Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector for Android

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