Five summer healthcare tips for cats

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Help your pet enjoy sunny days in safety and comfort

1. Keep bugs at bay

Most external parasites thrive with heat and moisture so be extra vigilant in the summer months, and keep your cat’s flea and worming treatments up to date. Most cats are sensible enough to avoid stinging insects, but more playful pets can find it hard to resist the chase. If your cat appears to be in any discomfort after an insect sting, contact your vet.

2. Keep your microchip details up to date

Warm summer nights provide tempting opportunities for nocturnal cats and your pet may wander further than usual, increasing the chance of loss or injury. Make sure your pet is microchipped and always check your contact details are up to date.

3. Watch out for coughs

Just like us, cats can suffer from asthma, so summer allergens such as airborne flower pollens have the potential to make them cough and splutter. If your pet shows any signs of respiratory problems, visit your vet straight away

4. Watch out for sunburn

Light-coloured cats can develop skin cancer on the tips of their ears but, like humans, the damage may take years to reveal itself, so prevention is key. If your cat loves to sunbathe, one solution is to use a sunblock approved for babies and dab it on the tips of the ears and nose. But if your cat insists on licking it off, you may simply have to keep your pet indoors on very hot days. ´Early signs include inflammation and crusting, and the bridge of the nose can be vulnerable too,´ says Petplan Vet of the Year, Brian Faulkner. If you spot anything on the ears or nose that causes you concern, have your vet check it out.

5. Check garages and sheds

During the holiday season, it’s not unusual for cats to seek shelter from the sun inside garden sheds and garages. If they’re accidentally trapped inside, they risk becoming seriously dehydrated. Check your outbuildings for feline visitors and secure them well before you set off on holiday.

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