Welcome to Petplan’s Dog Adventure Park

Designed by a dog behaviourist to keep pets happy and healthy

Petplan are proud to introduce the Dog Adventure Park in partnership with Polygon Pets. Designed by a behaviourist to help keep dogs happy and healthy. Open to all dogs, the park gives dogs the opportunity to train, exercise and socialise. It provides the opportunity to add variety to your dog’s normal exercise routine with fun agility equipment, to help keep dogs and their owners happy and healthy.

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The park is great for both beginners and professional dog trainers, but also for dog owners who are simply looking to give their dogs a new fun way of exercising. Using dog agility equipment is a great way to get rid of your dog’s excess energy and help strengthen their muscles, improve agility and help keep them fit. Even if you aren’t able to visit the adventure park, we share tips and advice on how you can do some agility work with your dog in your garden or your local park.

Dog Adventure Park Map

Dog Adventure Park Map

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Adding variety to your dog’s exercise routine can help support their physical and mental wellbeing. Here we take a look at 3 obstacles from the adventure park and how, through basic training, they can help to develop a trusting bond between dog and owner.


Introducing a platform to your dog can really help increase their ability to channel energy, they have to be calm and steady to get it right which is great mental stimulation.

You can include basic training throughout the challenge by asking them to walk up, sit and stay at the top and even include a basic recall to dismount. Don’t forget you can include obstacles like this in every day exercise, as an example a large fallen tree makes a good platform.

Behaviourist Nick Jones, MA adds “In my experience dogs who have a trusting bond with their owners and lots of varied exercise experience less behavioural issues.”

Fancy a trip to the Petplan Dog Adventure Park?

All park locations are surrounded by fantastic walks making for a fun day out with your dog. Entrance to the Dog Adventure Park is a pay as you go fee of a £5 for half an hour session, no need to book just turn up and pay on the day.

Find your nearest location

Canford Park SANG dog adventure park

Knighton Ln,
Bournemouth, Wimborne
BH21 3AS

We have two Dog Adventure Park's and a Dog Play Park at this location

Canford Park SANG dog adventure park
Seal Bay Resort dog adventure park

Off Chainbridge Lane,
PO20 9EL

Seal Bay Resort dog adventure park
Dog Behaviourist Nick Jones, MA

The Petplan Dog Adventure park is a fantastic enclosure, allowing off-the lead training, exercise for dogs in a secure place. The mental stimulation that training provides will keep your dog happy and prevent them from developing traits that could cause problems in the future

Dog Behaviourist Nick Jones, MA

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