What puppies shouldn’t eat

Puppies are naturally curious and will try to eat lots of things they shouldn’t, in fact, adult dogs will also eat foods they shouldn’t, given half a chance. Unfortunately, some foods we enjoy, and even some that are considered healthy for us, can be bad and even dangerous for your puppy.


Theobromine is poisonous to dogs and is found in chocolate, so you shouldn’t allow your puppy to eat chocolate. Different types of chocolate have different concentrations of theobromine in. Milk chocolate and white chocolate will tend to have the lowest concentrations of theobromine. This is fortunate as many dog owners have stories about their dogs getting hold of Easter eggs or chocolates from under a Christmas tree, most of these are milk chocolate. Dark chocolate will have higher levels of theobromine and baking chocolate will commonly have the highest concentrations, making even small quantities potentially dangerous to your puppy. In the worse cases theobromine poisoning can be fatal for puppies.

Grapes and raisins

Puppies can suffer severe kidney damage if they eat grapes or raisins, so you should always keep these out of reach.

Poisonous plants

Some common garden species including Ivy, Rhododendron and Bluebells can be extremely toxic to dogs. Acorns and Horse Chestnuts should also be avoided. Acorns are considered to be the more toxic of the two. As well as the toxicity, both can cause digestive blockages if eaten whole so avoid them where possible, and discourage your puppy from eating them.

Ham or fatty meat

These can lead to an inflamed pancreas and other issues.


Bones are classically associated with dogs, but they can be dangerous. Small bones which can be eaten whole are a danger, as are cooked or cut bones, as these are more prone to splintering. You should not give your puppy pork or poultry bones. Bones splintered or small bones can lodge in the intestinal tract of dogs.


Many puppies are lactose intolerant and can develop diarrhoea if fed milk or dairy products.

Walnuts and macadamia nuts

Usually found in biscuits and sweets, they have caused weakness, depression, vomiting, tumours and hypothermia in dogs.


Not surprisingly alcohol is dangerous to your puppy and can cause breathing difficulties, liver damage, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

Spicy food

Another unsurprising one, eating spicy food can lead to digestive problems for your puppy.


Often classified as a ‘Super food’ for humans, avocado is poisonous for your puppy. The toxic substance is persin, which can affect heart, lungs and other tissues, causing vomiting, diarrhoea and worse.

This is not an exhaustive list off all things toxic to dogs, but includes some of the ones your puppy will more commonly encounter in your home and when out and about.

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