Third Party Dog Cover

Why do you need Third Party Dog Insurance?

If your dog accidentally causes damage to property or injury to another person it’s possible that you might find yourself facing expensive legal fees, as more and more people are seeking compensation when problems like this arise. Petplan Third Party Dog Insurance will cover you against costs in such a case, and help to protect you against financial risk.

All of Petplan’s dog policies automatically include Third Party Dog Insurance

At Petplan we understand that accidental damage or injury caused by a dog can happen to any owner, at any time.

We commonly receive Third Party Dog Insurance claims from owners whose dogs have bitten someone or have run across the road and caused an accident, resulting in thousands of pounds being paid out in compensation. If you don’t have Third Party Dog Insurance, you would need to cover these costs yourself.

So, no matter what kind of policy you have with us – whether it’s our Covered For Life® lifetime pet insurance or our Time-limited pet insurance – our Third Party Liability cover will ensure you’re protected from any costs or compensation arising from a third party claim against you. This means you’ll be covered for compensation and costs awarded against you by a court, as well as the legal cost and expenses involved in defending a claim.

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Dog insurance that every owner needs

Our Third Party Dog Insurance will also cover you if your dog accidentally damages property, or if someone is killed, injured or falls ill as a result of an incident involving your dog.

If you think your household insurance covers you for Third Party Liability in the event of an incident with your dog, check the small print carefully – and keep in mind that all Petplan dog insurance policies automatically include this type of cover.

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Read more about the Third Party Dog Insurance claims we’ve covered

Damages worth £60,000

We recently paid out for a claim in which an over-protective Border Collie chased a postman from his garden. Although the Collie didn’t cause any actual injury, the postman fell over a low wall in his rush to escape and injured his back. Damages for personal injury, loss of earnings and the legal fees of both the third party and our client amounted to £60,000.

An injury claim worth £40,000

A Petplan customer was walking his Rhodesian Ridgeback, when the dog jumped up in excitement at seeing someone he knew. In the process, the Ridgeback knocked an older woman to the ground, causing her to break her wrist and hip. Damages for that claim amounted to nearly £40,000.


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