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Is your cat urinating on the carpet? Here's how to stop them

Is your cat urinating on the carpet? Here's how to stop them

Q: My cat has started urinating on my carpets. I use Feliway (a synthetic feline facial pheromone) to discourage scratching, but it doesn't stop her urinating. What can I do?

A: You say that your cat is urinating, but you need to rule out whether it might be spraying. Spraying is a marking behaviour which often occurs when a cat feels insecure and needs to surround itself with its own scent. Feliway would probably have helped if this was a marking behaviour as it reduced the cat scratching (which is another type of marking). This, along with the fact that you say your cat is soiling on the carpet, suggests it is probably urination. Talk to your vet and have a urine sample checked as your cat may be suffering from a urinary tract infection, which can result in a breakdown of toilet training.

Inga MacKellar, animal behaviourist

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