Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions - for your pets

‘New year, new me’ is all around us as we make a start on our 2023 resolutions -  but this year, the nation’s pet owners are looking for moral support, setting their own resolutions alongside those of their furry friends. Less lead-pulling, more moving, and nipping nervousness in the bud:  Have YOU set a New Year’s Res-fur-lution for your pet?

As the New Year set in, we surveyed the nation’s pet owners and discovered that almost one third of them had decided to set their pet a 2023 resolution, tackling those tricky behaviours and habits, from postman-chasing pups to tubby tabbies.

What are the most common New Year’s Resolutions for pets?

The most common resolutions revolved around health, with getting more exercise and losing some weight being high on the agenda. In fact, of those who had decided to set resolutions for their pets this year, over half (56%) had done so to improve their pet’s health.

The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions pet owners told us they had made for their pet were:

  1. To get more exercise (25%)
  2. To lose some weight (23%)
  3. To keep on top of grooming (21%)
  4. To learn a new command (20%)
  5. To eat a healthier diet (20%)
  6. To walk better off-lead (18%)
  7. To bark less (18%)
  8. To make new pet friends in the neighbourhood (18%)
  9. To reduce separation anxiety (18%)
  10. To travel more (18%)

Keeping them healthy and happy

With care and concern at the heart of our pet resolutions, it’s no surprise that health was a priority, but alongside physical health, deciding on a resolution that also benefited their pet’s mental health was key for 46% of people. Some canine owners even set a respite-fuelled resolution to attend more doggy yoga this year for collective self-care.

Grooming was another common priority, with some owners saying as well as keeping on top of fur management more generally, they also planned to ensure their pet had their nails done more regularly.

Woman and dog by window

We know the bond between pet owners and our four-legged friends is like no other, and half of all owners setting a resolution said they were doing so to improve their relationship with their pet. Many owners had even chosen a pet resolution that was similar to their own, with a third feeling more motivated to stick to their New Year’s Resolution if they were doing it alongside their beloved pet. The most common shared resolutions were getting more exercise, eating a healthier diet and drinking more water.

Whether you’ve decided to set your own ‘New Year’s Res-fur-lution’ or not, we know that owning and caring for your pet is a uniquely special journey - one that over half of all those we surveyed believe will help them to become a better person in 2023.

Not set a New Year Resolution for your pet yet?

If you are yet to decide on a New Year Resolution for you or your pet, why not check out our Top Tips on sustainable pet ownership to see if you can make any small changes to do your bit for the planet.

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