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Petplan Find a Pet: top 10 most popular cat breeds

Petplan Find a Pet: top 10 most popular cat breeds

Petplan’s free Find a Pet service allows you to search for kittens, puppies, cats and dogs for sale and rehoming across the UK.

It’s a wonderful place for responsible breeders to advertise and find new homes for their animals and for would-be owners to find themselves the perfect pet.

We’ve put together our 10 most popular cat breeds from the site along with some helpful information about the typical personality and temperament of each breed…

Bengal Cat

Bred from a domestic cat and a wild Asian Leopard Cat, the result is an intelligent breed with a striking spotted coat and a loyal, loving personality. The Bengal's powerful physique is accompanied by endless energy, a mischievous streak and a taste for trouble – so ensure you're ready for the commitment and make sure you have the correct cat insurance policy.

Birman Cat

The Birman has a gentle, loving personality, which makes it the ideal family cat. Affectionate and happy to be handled, this personable breed loves discovering new things and is always willing to join in with fun and games.

British Shorthair

Everything about the British Shorthair is larger than life, from its chunky build to its generous disposition. Despite being very intelligent, the gentle breed that is well suited to a calm, quiet life. A British Shorthair is also comfortable with children and other pets.

Maine Coon

Affectionate and sweet-natured, the Maine Coon is much gentler than its massive size and shaggy appearance suggest. As a breed, this cat is bright, extrovert and adaptable - it also cannot resist clowning around, which makes it an endlessly entertaining family pet.

Oriental Shorthair

Long, slim and elegant, Oriental Shorthairs are extroverts that love human contact. A member of the Siamese breed group, they are curious and extremely intelligent. This breed makes for a good companion, but needs lots of attention to prevent boredom.

Ragdoll Cat

With its blue eyes, super-soft fluffy coat and calm, friendly ways, the Ragdoll is often likened to a teddy bear. A large cat, the breed acquired its name due to its tendency to relax and go 'floppy' when held. The Ragdoll loves human company and is very trusting.

Savannah Cat

The exotic Savannah is elegant and lean, with long legs, a graceful neck and tall ears. These are very intelligent cats that can work out how to open doors and drawers. They have loads of energy and are very devoted to their owners.

Selkirk Rex

Rather a stocky cat, with a round head and filled-out cheeks, the Selkirk Rex is one of only four breeds that have a curly coat. It is loving and affectionate, and so content that it is well known for purring. These are charismatic, playful cats with a very easy-going temperament.

Siamese Cat

With its almond-shaped deep blue eyes, the Siamese is a regal-looking Oriental breed. The highly intelligent Siamese relishes attention and company and is often better kept in pairs to avoid loneliness. An active and very vocal cat, if you upset one, it will certainly let you know.


What it lacks in fur, the Sphynx makes up for in personality: this breed is not the shy and retiring type. Clever, sociable and energetic, the Sphynx gets along with other cats, dogs and children, but doesn't like being left alone for long periods of time.

What breed of cat do you have and what’s their personality like? Let us know below… 

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