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Petplan reveals the truth behind common cat myths

Petplan reveals the truth behind common cat myths

Whether it’s the unlucky black cat or their nine lives, cats are a rich source of mystery and myth.

However, there are many other things said about cats that aren’t quite as easy to dismiss – and getting the facts straight is crucial, as misinformation can cause unnecessary stress to both owners and pets.

Petplan is here to help! We’ve found some common myths about cats and revealed the truth behind these claims…

It’s fine to give cats cow’s milk

Adults of any species tend to have trouble digesting the milk of another species, including cats.

Like humans, many cats are lactose intolerant – not to mention the fact that cow's milk actually offers no nutritional value for them. With that in mind, the best bet is to give your cat or kitten well-balanced nutrition that’s been formulated specially for cats.

Brushing a cat's teeth is unnecessary

This is completely false – brushing your cat or kitten's teeth is a very important part of their health routine.

Brushing freshens breath, limits the risk of oral diseases and gives you a chance to notice anything unusual happening to teeth and gums.

It not only makes your cat more pleasant to be around but also helps to prevent a range of health problems down the road. Ask your vet about brushing to find out more.

Pregnant women should avoid cats because they carry toxoplasmosis

Though toxoplasmosis (an infection caused by a common parasite that can infect most warm-blooded animals) is a risk for fetuses, a pregnant woman is more likely to catch the disease by handling raw meat or digging in the garden than from a cat.

If you are pregnant then, to be sure of avoiding toxoplasmosis, clean your cat’s litter tray daily with gloves and a face mask or ask someone else to clean it.

Cats always land on their feet

While it’s true that cats have an amazing ability to seemingly defy the laws of physics and land on their feet all the time, to say they ‘always’ land on their feet is very misleading.

Whether they land on their feet from a fall is entirely dependent on how far they are falling from.

While cats have a hugely flexible backbone and no functional collar bone – both of which allow them to be very agile – it’s best to ensure they are safe and don’t have the opportunity to test out their limits, regardless of how good their cat insurance is!

Cats are cold so, if you want a loving pet, get a dog

Cats and dogs are very different animals – while dogs are pack animals by nature, cats are more independent.

However, every cat has its own individual personality and most are just as loving, attentive and present as their canine counterparts – anyone who’s ever spent hours curled up on the sofa with their cat will tell you that!

What are the strangest myths you’ve ever heard about cats? What have we missed? Let us know below… 

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