Introducing Your Cat to the Cat Flap

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Some cats may approach a cat flap with curiosity while others may be more wary. We’ve got Petplan’s behaviourist Nick Jones on hand to help with a useful guide to introducing your cat to the cat flap.

Cats have a natural desire to be outside so don't despair if your cat won't use the cat flap initially, this is usually only a minor obstacle. With the following tips you will quickly overcome any initial nerves, and soon find your cat using the cat flap with confidence.

  • Initially, start with a locked cat flap and simply begin feeding and playing with your cat near the cat flap in order to create a positive association.
  • 6 months is the perfect age to begin training with cats being vaccinated and suitably mature.
  • Prop the cat flap open with heavy-duty tape to make an inviting opening for your cat to move freely through.
  • Use high-value treats or toys with a person either side to entice your cat in or out
  • Practise every day for around a week.
  • As your cat becomes familiar with the opening you can drop the flap so the cat is having to push lightly against the flap to open it.

Never force your cat through the cat flap, especially if you sense resistance. As with all training, practice makes perfect and this is really about creating natural confidence in your cat.

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