Advanced Dog Recall Training

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Following on from our previous introduction to recall training, Petplan’s behaviourist, Nick Jones, is back to look at more advanced recall techniques.

Once you have mastered basic recall in your own home and garden you will want to start thinking about recall training from further distances. This may seem a daunting task with a young and curious puppy so we recommend using a long training line to maintain control while you build confidence with your pup.

What you'll need:

  • A long training lead
  • High-value treats
  • A ball or similar toy for dogs that are less food motivated

Introducing the "come" command

Find a park or open space where you can allow your dog a good 30ft or so on the lead. Begin by calling your dog’s name and the "come" command with the treat on display. Hopefully, he'll dash towards you with some encouragement!

When your dog has returned to you get him to sit and hold him while you offer the treat and praise. Holding the dog is important to prevent the dog from racing away with the treat before you’ve given the release command.

Practice and repetition are key

As you practise the same routine you should notice your dog coming more quickly. When you've started to gain confidence in your dog’s recall you can let the lead trail on the floor and step back a further 10ft or so.

One of the biggest challenges with early recall training is ensuring your dog doesn’t learn to ignore you. Using high-value treats, lots of verbal and physical praise is a lovely combined way of rewarding a dog while he develops good recall.

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