Preventing puppy theft

While still relatively uncommon, dog theft is on the rise and a concern for many puppy owners. Rest assured there are steps you can take to prevent this.

Tips to keep your precious puppy safe:

1 - Keep garden fences secure to avoid your dog escaping and to prevent easy access to trespassers. Consider installing a sensor light or bell gate to be alerted of trespassers.

2 - Always keep your dog in sight on walks and in your garden. When out walking your dog, make sure your dog is trained to respond to a recall command.

3 - Never leave a dog tied-up outside a shop or left alone in a car. If you’re going in to a shop or to a café, for example, why not check if your dog is allowed inside? You may be surprised!

4 - Ensure your dog is microchipped, has up-to-date contact details and is wearing a tag with YOUR name, phone number and address on it. All of these are legal requirements and will ensure your dog is easily returned, should they go missing.

5 - Have your dog spayed/neutered. Not only does this mean your pet will be less likely to stray, it may also prevent theft for breeding purposes.

6 - If you plan to use services such as a dog walker, groomers, house sitter or a boarding kennel, do your research to ensure you are using a legitimate and reputable service.

7 - Do not advertise the fact you have a puppy. Avoid placing dog ownership placards or notices on the front of your property.

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