How can I take a great photo of my puppy?

Much like children, puppies grow fast and most owners want to have memories to look back on to remind themselves just how small their four-legged companion once was. However, you may find capturing a good photo is harder than you think with a restless pup and endless distractions! The good news is that there are things you can do to help get a great picture that you can cherish for years to come. The key thing you need is patience. It is also essential to get your puppy to relax and may help to have treats and water on hand.

5 Top Tips...

  1. When photographing puppies make sure you’re down at their level. Crouch, lie or sit on the floor to get their perspective rather than shooting down on them
  2. Make sure you’re both having fun! The most natural and relaxed photos are usually the best ones. If you’re laughing or your dog is not sitting still, it can bring a lot of character to a photo.
  3. Try applying the rule of thirds; imagine the picture divided into 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines, creating a grid of 9 boxes. Place the points of interest in your photo, most likely your puppy’s face, on these imaginary grid lines, ideally where they meet. This will make the image more interesting and engaging.
  4. If you have children you are likely to want photos of them with your puppy. However, this brings additional challenges! One way to make sure all parties are engaged is to have the children feed your puppy. Make sure the smallest child is nearest to you, and remember the rule of thirds.
  5. We’d love to see the great pictures you’ve taken of your puppy! If you are sharing on Instagram, simply use the hashtag #PethoodStories – alternatively, you can post on our Facebook page @PetplanUK

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