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Find Affordable Bunny Gifts this Christmas

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To help you find a gift that suits your bunny and bank balance this festive season, we've asked two experts to recommend their choice of pet-related presents at a range of affordable price points. Plus, they've provided ideas for some 'splurge' purchases to really spoil your pets!

Treats under £10

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes
Recommended by: Catherine Thomas, small animal veterinary expert
Price: Free

'Turn the boxes that you received your own Christmas presents in into something your rabbits are sure to love, by using them to create a rabbit warren. You could cut out large holes for doors and windows, and link two or more boxes together to make a series of little rooms. Your rabbits will enjoy exploring the different compartments and chewing on the cardboard. Just remember to remove tape or other material, such as plastic envelopes, before giving them to your bunnies.'

A Rosewood boredom breaker play tunnel
Recommended by: Rosie Bescoby, clinical animal behaviourist
Price: from £3.99 (available from and other good pet supply stores)

'These tunnels are great for rabbits, as they will spend hours pushing them about, hiding in them and chewing on them. They're also 100% safe because they're made from natural materials and don't have any glue, metal or plastic fastenings. Plus, you can stuff them with hay, so your rabbit can make a little bed for themselves, or thread fresh herbs into the tunnel's weave to encourage them to spend a bit more time accessing their food.'

DIY Digging pit

DIY digging pit
Recommended by: Rosie
Price: around £8 for a large flowerpot, and £2 for play sand (both available from hardware stores and garden centres)

'All rabbits have an inherent need to dig, so you can give your bunnies an outlet for this natural behaviour by creating a digging pit for them using a large flowerpot. To ensure your rabbits have easy access to the digging pit, create a hole at ground level and insert the pot – making sure to pack the earth tightly around its sides. Then fill it with play sand or soil and, to make it more interesting, bury some apple branches or hazel twigs to mimic the roots that rabbits find when digging in the wild.

As your bunnies' digging will inevitably make a lot of mess, you will need to scoop the sand back into the pit or tub on a regular basis. Nevertheless, providing your rabbits with this outlet is probably the best present you could give them; especially for house rabbits, who may not get as much opportunity to dig.'

Presents under £20

Living World Teach n Treat puzzle

Living World Teach 'n Treat puzzle toy
Recommended by: Rosie
Price: £10.50 (available from

'This is a great interactive feeding toy for rabbits, and a good alternative to feeding pellets from the bowl, as it'll encourage your bunnies to think and work out how to access their food. Bury it in hay or grass, or use it as an opportunity to bond and join your rabbits in playing with it. Initially, you may need to show them how to work it, but once they get the idea, they'll be able to use it independently. You might also need to use tastier treats (such as tiny chunks of dried fruit) to motivate them at first and then, when they understand how it works, you can insert their usual pellets instead.'

5. Thinking and learning toy Feedtree

Thinking and Learning Toy Feedtree
Recommended by: Catherine
Price: £15 (available from

'These feed trees are fantastic for rabbits, as they encourage natural foraging behaviour. You can hide treats and healthy snacks in the wooden compartment boxes, which have scent holes to make them easier to locate. The wooden tree not only combats boredom, as your rabbits will spend more time searching for food, but it also helps with weight control because it allows them to be more active. Just make sure you inspect it regularly for wear and tear which may affect its safety.'

6. Petlife Hotties heat pad

A Petlife Hottie Heated Pad
Recommended by: Catherine
Price: £19 (available from

'A microwave-safe heat pad (one that contains no toxic chemicals and is chew resistant, such as this one from Pets at Home) will help your rabbits cope well with our British winters. You can also ensure they're kept warm and snug, by protecting their hutch or run from any draughts with a tarpaulin or blanket, and making sure they have plenty of bedding and access to a reliable, unfrozen water source with a water bottle insulator.'

Splurge purchases

Digging box with hay extension
Recommended by: Rosie
Price: £166 (available from

'This is what I'll be buying for my rabbit! It may seem pricey but, unlike a lot of other bedding products on the market that seem to humanise rabbits, this box allows your bunnies to do what they love best: digging! Rabbits love being able to scrabble and drag and pull their bedding about, so providing them with their own area to do this is ideal, although you might want to scatter food amongst the bedding to encourage them to forage. What's particularly great about this design is that you can buy additional add-ons, such as ramps and hop-on boxes, so you can change it around and keep it interesting for your rabbits in the long run.'

8. Pet photo shoot

A professional photography session
Recommended by: Catherine
Price: Varies

'A specialist photography session for your pet (along with your family!) will not only result in lovely photos to display at home, but will also be a memory you'll treasure for years to come. If your rabbits are nervous around new people, try to find a photographer who is used to working with animals and take things slowly, allowing your pet time to get used to the situation. Alternatively, try a photoshoot at home: you won't have to travel to a studio, which could create unnecessary stress, and your bunnies will feel much more settled in a familiar environment. Either way, make sure to have plenty of their favourite treats to hand but don't be tempted to ruin their otherwise healthy diet with too many bad nibbles.'

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