Five great Christmas presents for your rabbit

The festive period is a great time to give our rabbits some extra love. Having brought us so much joy throughout the year, those extra little treats seem well-deserved

What are some good Christmas presents for my rabbit?

Our 2021 poll revealed that 93% of customers were planning on buying a gift for their pet at Christmas. So, if you’re thinking of treating your rabbit, the ideal gift will be one or all of the following things:

  • Be fun for the rabbit to play with
  • Improve the rabbit’s health or wellbeing
  • Be natural and safe
  • Encourage natural behaviours (digging, chewing, burrowing, hiding)

We’ve put together lots of gift ideas for your rabbit, both homemade and shop bought, all of which your rabbit will love this Christmas.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for pet rabbits

Rabbits love gnawing, so why not gift them with something they can chew on? You can give them treats such as a Nettle, Raspberry and Dandelion Salad Bowl – made from all natural ingredients – or a gnawing chew toy to help maintain their teeth. You could also opt for a natural willow twist ball – complete with hay poking out of it for extra stimulation.

If you want to give your bunny a homemade gift, you can use the inner cardboard tube from a toilet roll. Fold in the ends and hide some treats inside, then dangle from the roof of your rabbit’s enclosure to keep them entertained.

These are all great treats for your bunny to enjoy, but also don’t harm the environment – or your bank balance!

Christmas presents for rabbits to keep them engaged

Often, rabbits are prone to boredom, so a great gift is one that also solves a problem. Choosing a boredom post or a boredom-busting toy for your rabbit is a way to treat them at Christmastime, but they’ll also get to enjoy the gift throughout the year.

It's extra-important to buy boredom toys that are well-made and non-toxic to keep your rabbit safe.

Christmas gifts for your rabbit to spoil them

There are times for homemade gifts and times to really spoil your rabbit. If you want to really splash out on a special gift, your rabbit might like a Rabbit Hideaway to hide, relax and snuggle up in. This one is made of wood, is sustainable and is also suitable for inside rabbit enclosures and gardens.

If you don’t have the space for a hideaway, spoil your bunny with new grooming tools so you can keep their coat healthy and keep them happy.

Indoor (and outdoor) rabbit presents

It’s natural for rabbits to burrow and dig. This is much easier if your bunny has access to grass, but trickier in courtyards or inside.

If your rabbit lives outside, create a digging pit. Create a hole to make sure the rabbit can't dig out of their enclosure and fill it with child-safe sand or soil. Bury some apple branches or hazel twigs to mimic tree roots in the wild or even bury some toys for them to find.

If your rabbit lives indoors, try a toy sandpit or a cardboard box with shredded paper and watch them enjoy the sensation of digging.

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