English Lop
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A breed who’s known for its large size, droopy ears and docile personality

Known as the King of the Fancy, the English Lop Rabbit is one of the oldest domestic breeds. Due to their long, droopy ears, they’ve been popular in rabbit shows for centuries, despite the introduction of newer, smaller breeds.

Vital Stats

Size: Large, weighing about 5kg (11lb).
Coat: Short, stiff fur (known as fly-back fur, as it snaps back into its original position when pushed against the grain) that requires minimal grooming. English Lops come in several colours, including fawn, white, black or gold, either as an all-over solid colour or with broken markings.
Life span: 5-7 years.
Temperament: Laid-back and inquisitive.
Special requirements: The size of English Lops’ ears can hinder their movement and leave them largely inactive, so they can be easy to overfeed. They need lots of exercise to stay healthy and, as a lot of heat is lost through their ears, they are vulnerable to the cold, which is why they are best suited to living indoors.
Size large Coat short
Temperament laid-back Life span 5-7years

English Lop insurance considerations

English Lops sometimes suffer with epilepsy and are prone to hereditary and congenital conditions. Petplan dog insurance offers peace of mind that they will always be protected.

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