Petplan's work with breeders

We work with breeders to ensure your puppy or kitten has the best start in life

Since Petplan started in 1976, we’ve worked with over 70,000 experienced and responsible breeders throughout the UK to protect puppies and kittens.

You can get 4 weeks free pet insurance through Petplan breeders

We have been working with breeders for over 40 years to provide 4 weeks free insurance to puppies and kittens when they leave for their new homes. This provides welcome peace of mind for breeders and helps new owners get the best veterinary care possible for the new addition to their family.

There is no catch. Our Instant Puppy and Instant Kitten policies are completely free and no bank details are taken. If the new owner wants to extend their cover and choose one of our full policies they can contact us any time before their free cover expires and they will also receive an additional month free and continuous cover for illness and injury.

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Become a Petplan breeder

As a Petplan breeder you can provide your new owners with 4 weeks' free Petplan insurance, plus you’ll benefit from our range of tools and support materials. Click on the button below to find out more

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