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Cat & Kitten Insurance Policies

We offer two types of cover to help you pay for unexpected veterinary treatment your cat needs. It’s quick and easy to set up a policy online, so why not get a quote today?

Compare our cat & kitten insurance policies

We can pay your vet directly
90% of claims are settled within 5 working days
No penalty for claiming

Covered for life®

If your pet developed a long-term illness or suffered an injury, you can claim year after year for their treatment, provided you renew your policy annually without a break in cover.

12 month cover

If your pet developed a long-term illness or suffered an injury, you can claim for their treatment for 12 months from when the problem was first noticed, but then that condition will be excluded from your policy.
Product type
Vet cost up to
£12,000 per year
£7,000 per year
£4,000 per year
£3,000 per condition for 12 months
Complementary treatment
£2,000 per year
£1,000 per year
£500 per condition for 12 months
Death from illness or injury
£2,000per pet (included as standard)
£1,500per pet (optional extra)
£1,000per pet (optional extra)
Boarding fees
Missing pet advertising & reward
Loss by Theft or Straying
Holiday Cancellation
Quarantine Expenses & Loss of Documents
Emergency Repatriation
Multi-pet discount
Pet Owner Support Package
Pet Bereavement Helpline
Legal Helpline

Choose the right cat insurance policy

Not all pet insurance is the same, so finding the best policy to suit your pet and your pocket can be confusing. At Petplan, we design our policies to cover the essentials and we also provide cover for hereditary, congenital and behavioural conditions, which is reflected by our policy options: Covered For Life® and 12 month cover.


Covered for Life

What is Covered For Life® pet insurance?

There are many benefits to having pet insurance, but this is our most popular policy and is why vets choose to partner with us.

As the Pet People we understand that owners may have different requirements from their cat and kitten insurance policies and so we have developed two levels of 'genuine' lifetime cover to offer you greater flexibility. Covered For Life® is a type of policy that provides ongoing cover to protect you against the costs of treatment for long-term illnesses and conditions. With annual vet fees that renew each year the policy is in force and a wealth of other benefits, we are sure you can find a policy to suit your needs.

Cat insurance with up to £12,000 vet fees cover

Our comprehensive Petplan Ultimate insurance policy provides up to £12,000 of vet fees per year and offers cover for complementary treatment such as hydrotherapy and acupuncture of up to £2,000 per year. If your cat or kitten goes missing, this plan will help cover the cost of advertising and reward for it’s safe return.

Click here to read the Covered For Life Policy Booklet

Time Limited

Petplan Essential Insurance

Petplan Essential has been designed for cat and kitten owners who require assistance to cover the cost of veterinary fees to treat injuries or short-term illnesses. This policy covers up to £3,000 per condition for a period of 12 months, following the condition first being noticed. Unlike some other 12-month cat insurance policies, should your vet recommend treatment for behavioural-related conditions or specialist treatment such as physiotherapy our Essential plan will provide you with the cover you need - as long as the vet carries out the treatment.

Click here to read the Essential Policy Booklet

Is there anything not covered by pet insurance?

Common Exclusions

Look no further

We are pet specialists and have an unrivaled knowledge of pet health and unlike many other insurers. That's why we've designed our policies to cover as many conditions as possible, and are able to pay 97% of all the claims we receive.