Oriental Shorthair

A natural chatterbox who adores human company

Long, slim and elegant-looking, Oriental Shorthair cats are recognised by their cartoonishly large ears and wide-set nose, which can be wonderful to capture in a photo. As a member of the Siamese breed group, they are curious, extremely intelligent and vocal – they love to 'talk' and have a range of sounds to suit their every need!

Vital Stats

Size: Medium
Coat: Short and silky
Life span: 12 – 15 years
Personality: Extroverted, affectionate, intelligent
Size medium Coat short
Life span 12-15years
Oriental Shorthair personality and temperament

Oriental Shorthair Personality & Temperament

This friendly and outgoing cat makes for a loving and loyal family pet that loves to cuddle, play, and be around their humans.

Oriental Shorthair food and diet

Food & Diet

Keep your Oriental Shorthair healthy with a high-protein diet and look out for any symptoms of nutritional issues which they can be prone to.

Oriental Shorthair grooming and coat care

Oriental Shorthair Grooming & Coat Care

The Oriental Shorthair cat is often referred to as a “rainbow cat” for its range of beautiful coat colours.

Oriental Shorthair training and behaviour

Oriental Shorthair Training & Behaviour

This is a smart cat that can be easy to train but needs a good amount of stimulation.

Oriental Shorthair before you buy

What to know before you buy or rehome an Oriental Shorthair cat

Oriental Shorthair cats are lovely pets but what do you need to know before bringing home your new cat?

Oriental Shorthair insurance considerations

Oriental Shorthairs sometimes suffer with certain health conditions and may require treatment. Petplan cat insurance offers peace of mind that they will always be protected.

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