Russian Blue

An intelligent, sophisticated breed with plenty of affection to spare!

The iconic Russian Blue cat is instantly recognisable. Their grey-blue coats are silky and smoky, and their slender frame, pointed ears and vibrant colourful eyes make for a stunning combination. More than just looking beautiful, this breed make wonderful companions. Typically, their behaviour is calm, shy, affectionate and playful. They thrive in a predictable and generally peaceful home.

Vital Stats

Size: Small to medium
Coat: Short-haired
Life span: 14-16 years
Personality: Loyal, shy, affectionate and playful
Size grey-blue Coat short
Life span 15years
Russian Blue personality and temperament

Russian Blue Personality & Temperament

The Russian Blue cat’s personality traits tend to be timid, yet chatty and loving. They can be a little complex, however, and they’ll let you know if they’re not happy.

Russian Blue food and diet

Food & Diet

As with all cats, Russian Blue cat food should be a complete diet, balanced for their correct life stage. There are, however, a few extra considerations for this slender breed.

Russian Blue grooming and coat care

Russian Blue Grooming & Coat Care

Something special about Russian Blue cats’ coats is that each hair is silver-tipped. These reflective ends give them a shimmering sheen and adds to their ‘smoky’ appearance.

Russian Blue training and behaviour

Russian Blue Training & Behaviour

You can easily train Russian Blue cats due to their intelligence and love of human interaction.

Russian Blue before you buy

What to know before you buy or rehome an Russian Blue cat

Russian Blue cats are loving, loyal and super smart, but there are few things to know before you bring one home.

Russian Blue insurance considerations

Russian Blues sometimes suffer with certain health conditions and may require treatment. Petplan cat insurance offers peace of mind that they will always be protected.

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