New Puppy Checklist
Co-authored by

Noel Fitzpatrick

Veterinary Surgeon

Supervet’s New Puppy Checklist

When you find the right puppy to join your family it is time to start preparing for the day you bring them home. Looking after the health and happiness of your new family member is an important responsibility, and lots of fun too. Here are some tips for what to start thinking about before the big day.

What to do before collecting your puppy

  1. Register with your local vet practice.This is an important part of pet guardianship. Register your puppy with your chosen vet and ask them about preventative healthcare and whether they run any puppy clinics.
  2. Update your puppy's microchip details. All puppies will be microchipped before sale. You'll need to update your puppy's chip with your name and address online or by post. This also increases the chance of your dog being returned to you if they ever go missing.
  3. Book vaccination appointments. Vaccinations will protect your puppy from a range of common diseases. Check with the breeder or rescue centre which vaccinations your puppy has already had and when they'll be due next and ask your local veterinary practice for advice if you have any questions.
  4. Consider pet insurance. When choosing pet insurance, be aware that cover can vary greatly between policies. Cheap pet insurance can cost you more in the long run so look for a policy that will give you comprehensive cover and support the health of your animal in the long term rather than a short-term deal.
  5. Consider booking puppy classes. A well-socialised puppy has the best chance at a full and happy life. Socialisation is about more than just meeting other dogs. Your puppy needs to get comfortable with the world they are in, from woodland walks to cars and people.
  6. Puppy proof your home and garden. Close off small gaps and fireplaces, remove or cover electrical wires, and move out of reach anything you don't want to be chewed. Check for garden and outdoor dangers so your puppy can explore safely when they venture outside.
  7. Focus on the essentials. There's no shortage of pet products available and whilst it may be tempting to spoil your new companion start with the basics.. Think about what your puppy will eat, where they will sleep, which toys they need and any grooming requirements they may have.
  8. Prepare your family. The arrival of your new puppy will inevitably be an exciting time so talk to your children in advance about settling in a new puppy and any house rules you want to put in place to ensure the puppy can rest and have quiet time when needed. It's also important to plan how you will introduce your pup to other pets in your household to help create a harmonious living environment for all your companions.

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