7 of the best free dog apps

Whether you’ve got a gorgeous new puppy or your older dog needs some new tricks, we’ve got a list of the best dog apps you can download today. What’s more, all of the apps on our list are free.

There are hundreds of free dog apps and games available – but which ones are worth a closer look?

We’ve rounded up some of the most practical dog apps for owners to help you care for your furry best friend. Whether you want an app to find the perfect walkies, a dog-training app or an app for fun and entertainment, you should find what you’re looking for on this list.

While all the dog apps on our carefully chosen list are completely free to download, be aware that only the basic level of content is free. There are usually optional extras such as ‘ad free’, or extra tools within the apps that require payment. You should see the phrase ‘free, offers in-app purchases’ and you can opt to pay for the extras in the dog app if you want to.

Great for training your dog: Puppr

Need some help with dog training? Then this is the dog app for you! With the advice and guidance of dog-training app Puppr, you’ll have your puppy sitting, waiting, toilet trained and performing tricks in no time. This free app has easy-to-follow video guides, more than 100 lessons and a built-in clicker tool that you can use to signal to your dog that they’re getting it right.

There’s an option to chat live with expert dog trainers and you can track your progress within the app. The lessons range from basic obedience to advanced tricks.

Puppr for iOSPuppr for Android

Great for finding dog walkers, boarders and sitters: Rover – Dog Boarding & Walking

Rover might be the most helpful free dog app on the market. On just one platform you can find dog walkers, dog boarders, doggy day care and house sitters. So, if you’ve got a few busy weeks at work, or you know you have a long overdue holiday coming up, you’ve got all the support you need right at your fingertips.

Rover has verified each of the dog services and service providers before allowing the listing into its directory, giving you peace of mind your pet will be in good hands. All sitters pass an identity verification check, provide detailed personal information and are approved by a team of sitter specialists.

You can browse the profiles of dog-support services in your local area through the app completely for free. Once you’ve found exactly what you need, you can pay for the service directly through the app. Each booking is backed by 24/7 support and the Rover Guarantee.

Your chosen dog walker or sitter can send regular updates and photos through the app. Rover is a well-established service, which has almost 10,000 reviews at an average of 4.8 out of 5.

Rover for iOSRover for Android

Great for dubbing your dog: My Talking Pet

This free dog app is light-hearted, fun and entertaining. It’s not going to solve any training problems, but you’re certainly going to enjoy yourself using My Talking Pet.

The quirky app maps your pet’s features from a photo, allowing you to animate their face and make them ‘talk’. Once you’re happy with your dog’s expression, you can record a message on their behalf, or use one of the app’s existing library of funny phrases. Add accessories to the images and alter the voice you apply to your dog.

My Talking Pet for iOSMy Talking Pet for Android

Great for identifying the dog of your dreams: Dog Scanner

Don’t know your Cockapoos from your Labradoodles? If you’ve seen a pooch that you want to know more about, Dog Scanner can analyse their photo and identify the breed. With info on more than 370 canine breeds, this app is particularly useful if you’re thinking of getting another dog. It can identify a range of mixed dog breeds, as well as purebreds. There’s even a little built-in game that gives you virtual rewards for all the breeds you spot and record. There’s a whole community of app users who can’t wait to see your images of your dog and you get to see everyone else’s dogs, too.

Dog Scanner for iOSDog Scanner for Android

Great for keeping track of your puppy: Pup to Date

Anyone who has trained their puppy knows there’s a lot of information to keep track of. Their training wins, their medical appointments and vaccinations, their feeding routine, how much water they drink, their training schedule and even their toilet habits can all reveal how your puppy is doing. The Pup to Date app allows you to monitor and record all this information for future reference and to spot patterns with your puppy’s behaviour.

You can set reminders to help you stick to your ideal schedule, customise your entries with emojis and add photos to the app.

Pup to Date for iOS

Great for socialising with your dog: DogPack

The free dog app DogPack is a relatively new app that has very good reviews. It has three great functions.

Firstly, you can find every dog-friendly park in the UK, as well as multiple countries across the world from Dubai to New Zealand. Locate suitable play areas for your pup and keep them safe as they get their essential daily exercise. The second great feature of this app is that it enables you to connect with other dog owners nearby, allowing you to meet new people and your dog to make new friends as well. You can even check in to the park to see who is already there.

Finally, you can build a profile within the app and alert the community if your dog is ever lost or goes missing.

DogPack for iOSDogPack for Android

Great for mixing up your walking routes: Dog Walks App

You have 500 of England’s best dog-friendly walks right at your fingertips with this free dog app. Simply named – Dog Walks App – and simply designed, it’s exactly what you’d want and need it to be. It lists independently verified dog walks all over England, just waiting to be explored. It’s the perfect dog app for those with an adventurous spirit and a love of the outdoors. The app offers a great way to break out of boring routines when walking with your pooch.

The developers promise to add walks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland soon. In the meantime, you can discover new walks in your local area if you live in England, and great walks the next time you and your dog go away together.

See the map and your exact location within the app, as well as detailed summaries of what you can expect on your walk. Find parking and refreshment information to make sure your walks are comfortable and decide between long walks, short walks, hard ones and easy ones.

Dog Walks App for iOS

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