Nick Jones

Petplan Dog Behaviourist

Nick Jones MA

Dog Behaviourist and Dog Expert Witness

Master’s degree in Professional Practice (Canine Behaviour and Training)

  • Masters in Canine Behaviour and Training

Petplan’s dog behaviourist Nick Jones MA, has been addressing dog behaviour cases throughout the UK since 2000 and is a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. His work is varied and looks at cases ranging from puppy training to cases of aggression towards dogs and people, through to separation anxiety, fears and phobias, failing to return, destructive behaviours and excessive barking to name a few. Nick also works to support legal cases as a dog expert witness completing dog behaviour assessments, breed type identification and assessments for safety in public under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Nick has created a number of dog training videos, and provides pet owners with his expertise via social media channels.

Working with Petplan was a natural and easy decision after seeing how their insurance helps dog owners cover the cost of behaviour fees. Petplan are the 'go to' insurer when looking for dog behaviour cover as well as veterinary care.

Nick Jones MA

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