From puppyhood to old age, it’s always good to be aware of the common issues and conditions that could occur during your Pug's life.

With 45 years of pet health experience under our collar, we’re here to help you get your pet the very best care over their entire lifetime. From pup to pensioner, pet insurance is key to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Discover some of the most common health issues we see in Pugs throughout their life.

General information

We’ve analysed our data to see what claims we receive most regularly for Pugs.
Here are some of the key insights:

top 5

The top five claims we see in Pugs are for ulcers, skin disease, eye disorders, respiratory-related conditions and tumours.


Pugs are twelve and a half times more likely to suffer with an ulcer related claim when compared to other breeds.


Pug owners are five and a half times more likely to claim for respiratory issues than other dog breeds.

Claims by Pug age

Claims can occur in every breed of dog, at any age!

You might be surprised to know that on average, in 2019, we paid over £13,400 per week in Pug puppy claims.

In the same year, we paid £3,312,196 in claims for middle-aged and senior Pugs.

Common claim conditions

Here are some of the most common claims we receive for Pug at each age:


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