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Rabbit Insurance Policies

We offer Covered For Life® rabbit insurance to help you pay for unexpected veterinary treatment your pet needs. It’s quick and easy to set up a policy online, so why not get a quote today?

Our Rabbit Insurance Policy

We pay 97% of all the claims we receive
We can pay your vet directly
90% of claims are settled within 5 working days
No penalty for claiming

If your pet developed a long-term illness or suffered an injury, you can claim year after year for their treatment, provided you renew your policy annually without a break in cover.

Vet cost up to
£2,000 per year
Complementary treatment
£750 per year
Boarding fees
Missing pet advertising & reward
Pay Vet Direct
Legal Helpline
Online Claims Tracking

Choose the right rabbit insurance policy

Not all pet insurance is the same, so finding the best policy to suit your pet and your pocket can be confusing. At Petplan, we design our policies to cover the essentials and we also provide cover for hereditary, congenital and behavioural conditions, which is reflected by our policy option: Covered For Life®.

Covered for Life

What is Covered For Life® rabbit insurance?

There are many benefits to having pet insurance, but this is our most popular policy and is why vets choose to partner with us. Our Covered For Life® rabbit insurance will cover you against the ongoing costs of treating lifetime and chronic conditions.

To offer you greater peace of mind, our Covered For Life rabbit insurance provides up to £2,000 vet fees cover per year. The policy is designed for rabbit owners who are worried that their pet might develop chronic and long-term conditions, which can require treatment throughout the rabbit's life. Our rabbit insurance can provide essential cover for life-threatening conditions, such as Fly Strike and Coccidiosis, which will require emergency treatment that might run into thousands of pounds.

If your vet recommends that your rabbit should undergo a course of complementary treatment as part of its rehabilitation following a surgical procedure, we will also pay up to £750 per year for this specialist treatment. Over 90% of our customers renew their Covered For Life® rabbit insurance policies each year thanks to these ongoing benefits, which are instantly refreshed at the point of renewal.

Click here to read the Covered For Life Policy Booklet

Is there anything not covered by pet insurance?

Common Exclusions

Look no further

We are pet specialists and have an unrivaled knowledge of pet health and unlike many other insurers. That's why we've designed our policies to cover as many conditions as possible, and are able to pay 97% of all the claims we receive.