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Rabbit Insurance

Rabbit Plan is one of our Covered For Life® policies which provides up to £2,000 vet fees cover per year. The Rabbit Plan policy is designed for rabbit owners worried about their pet developing chronic and long-term conditions which may require treatment throughout the rabbit's life. Rabbit insurance can provide essential cover for life-threatening conditions like Fly Strike and Coccidiosis which will require emergency treatment which can run into thousands of pounds.

If your vet recommends your rabbit undergoes a course of complementary treatment as part of its rehabilitation following a surgical procedure, we will also pay up to £750 per year for this specialist treatment. Our rabbit insurance plan will provide essential cover for your pet, giving you, that much needed peace of mind.

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Covered4Life Rabbit

Rabbit Plan

Our Rabbit Plan policy provides comprehensive Covered For Life® pet insurance for peace of mind. With this policy you can continue to claim for treatment of ongoing illnesses or injuries - even if it's for life.

Take a look at the following table which shows the benefit levels of our rabbit insurance. Please also take the time to read the full Terms and Condition so that you understand all of the benefits and limitations.

  Rabbit Plan
Veterinary Fees
£2,000 per year
£750 per year
Advertising & Reward
Boarding Fees
Pay Vet Direct
Legal Helpline
Online Claims Tracking
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* Terms, conditions and excesses apply, and may be varied at renewal

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If you need to make a claim for Veterinary Fees or Complementary Treatment, you will pay an excess for the cost of treating each illness or injury. More >

Policy Benefits:

Unless otherwise indicated, the figures shown are the maximum amount that may be paid in each policy year.