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Cat activities in summer

Cat activities in summer
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Cat activities in summer

Now that summer is officially here, you might be looking for a few ways to spend your days in the sun with your pet by your side. While summer activities for dogs might be easier to think of due to their more playful and cooperative nature, that doesn’t mean that your cat can’t get involved with a bit of summer fun either. Whether you’re looking to explore the garden or just chill in the shade, Petplan explores some of our favourite cat activities in summer.

Don’t forget that even though the sun is the perfect excuse to get outside, many animals, cats included, struggle with prolonged activity in hot weather. To make sure you and your cat don’t get too much sun, try to stay inside during midday, keep plenty of fresh drinking water nearby, and if your pet wants to go inside and cool off, let them.

Shade fort

Every cat has a favourite spot in the garden but sometimes their favourite spot is a little too hot to handle. If this is the case then you can help alleviate this problem by building your very own shady fort.

To do this, you can use either garden furniture or sheets held up by clothes pegs, and position them in such a way that they are blocking the sun’s rays. With the sun blocked by these objects, your cat should be able to lounge about in their favourite place without getting too hot.

Hunting games

As cats are natural hunters and foragers, they love to root around and look for anything that takes their fancy. If you build your own hunting box then you can provide them with a safe space to explore to their heart's content.

To start with, find a box or even an old litter tray, then fill the box or tray with a few treats and toys before mixing it in with seasonal objects like leaves and twigs. Of course, avoid putting anything potentially toxic for your cat in there.

Once this is done, your cat can satisfy those hunting and foraging urges outside, in the comfort of your own garden!

Frozen treats

Frozen treats for your cat can offer a chilled and refreshing way to cool down while helping them beat the heat.While you shouldn’t give your cats ice cream, you can provide them with something else they might enjoy. A typical frozen treat to offer your cat are ice cubes made from a meaty broth.

However, because many commercial broths use spices and herbs like garlic, you will need to make your own broth from scratch, but luckily this is a very simple process. First, you’re going to need to buy some fresh meat. Then, all you need to do is boil the meat in water in a pot, wait for it to cool, skim the fat off, and freeze the water in an ice cube tray. You can choose to include a little bit of meat in each cube to give your cat something to work towards.

After a few short hours, you should have some delicious meaty treats to help your cat stay cool in the hot summer sun.

Water games

While cats aren’t particularly known for their love of water, many cats do enjoy playing with water, whether they’re batting a running tap, or lapping from the faucet. One particularly great toy for the cat who loves water is a cat fountain. These are small fountains that allow cats to drink and play with the water without getting wet – there are many cat fountains available to buy and they usually go down a storm!

Alternatively you don’t need to buy a fountain and can just fill a small bowl up with water and place some toys floating on top, most cat will enjoy tapping the toys and doing a bit of fishing!

Some breeds of cat are more known for their love of water than others. Bengal cats, in particular, have been known to enjoy water so much that they might even go for a swim!

Know when its time to play

However, while you might be excited to get out there and have some fun with your cat, it’s important to note that there are certain times your pet might not want to play. As already mentioned, you should avoid high energy playtime and exercise in the midday sun or when it’s particularly hot but if your cat just wants to sleep away in the sun, it’s important to let them make their choice and not force it on them.

Older cats and younger cats will need extra time to rest and will be more susceptible to the heat. Even though younger cats may have the energy to keep playing, be mindful of their condition and take a break when you think they’re getting tired.

Do you have any good ideas for cat activities in summer? Let us know in the comments below...

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