Seven of the best gifts for dogs this Christmas

Wondering what to buy your dog this festive season? If your pet could write a letter to Santa, we reckon they’d include some of these great Christmas gifts for dogs

Our 2021 poll revealed that 93% of our customers who participated were planning to buy a gift for their pet at Christmas. As a treasured part of the family, it makes sense to include buying dog Christmas presents as part of the celebrations. If you’re stuck for gift inspiration this year, we’ve put together the ultimate list of Christmas presents for dogs.

From sustainable collars to homemade treats and puzzle toys, there’s something for even the pickiest pooches.

Remember, your dog doesn't know it's Christmastime so if they don't get anything from Santa, it won't matter to them. A Christmas cuddle will be more than enough.

1. A new (recycled) dog bed

Offering your dog at least one comfortable bed in your home is a must – but many of you choose to place multiple beds around the house so your dog can chill out wherever you are.

If you’re looking for more sustainable options, choose a brand that uses recycled fabrics and stuffing made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and clothing. Cosy, festive-themed blankets make great dog gifts for Christmas, too, especially as many dogs love to ‘make’ their beds before settling down for the night.

2. A sustainable collar

Your dog’s collar should feel so comfortable that they should barely notice they’re wearing it. If your dog deserves an upgrade, there are plenty of options that make the perfect luxury dog Christmas presents. Many dog collars are now made with eco-friendly materials such as sustainable, vegan leathers made from things like apple skins or cactus leaves. When choosing a new collar, make sure to measure your dog’s neck and choose a size and style that’s suitable for their breed.

3. Yummy treats for dogs

Your dog might be looking longingly at all the Christmas food being piled on the table – but it’s best to avoid feeding them any scraps. Instead, the perfect dog Christmas present could be a drool-worthy range of dog treats. There are plenty of pre-packaged options to choose from or get creative and make your own.

A long-lasting chew to enjoy while you’re eating Christmas dinner is also a great idea. But don’t overdo it – treats should be an occasional reward, which counts towards your dog’s daily food allowance.

4. A dog Christmas stocking

If you simply can't decide on the best dog Christmas gift, make them a stocking. Fill this with a range of fun and practical gifts, such as Christmas-themed toys. If you’re running short on time, you can also pick up a premade stocking containing lots of treats.

5. A dog activity tracker

With dog obesity on the rise, it’s essential to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. While this varies from breed to breed, one of the best ways to work out how much exercise your dog is getting is to use a dog activity tracker. These clip onto their collar and track a whole range of factors, from how much they exercise to when they sleep and for how long. A tracker with built-in GPS can also help you find your dog if they spot a squirrel and take a detour.

6. Dog puzzle toys

Dogs love physical exercise but it’s important to keep their brains stimulated as well. Puzzle toys make great dog presents for Christmas and give your dog’s mind a workout. If your dog is new to brain teasers, choose something simple to start them off. If something is too complicated, they may ignore it or try to destroy it to get at what’s inside. Hollow rubber toys that can be stuffed with hard-to-reach treats are great for all levels, from beginner to brainy. Puzzle feeders with manoeuvrable levers offer a more serious challenge but also slow down fast eaters, reducing the risk of bloat, decreasing gassiness and helping promote healthy digestion.

7. Treat them to something flashy

In addition to adding some festive cheer to your dog’s look, a light-up LED collar makes walks safer, especially on drab winter days. These bright lights make it much easier for drivers, runners and cyclists to see your dog coming. Plus, if you have a dark-coated dog, you'll be able to know exactly where they are at all times.

Choose a light-up collar that’s tough enough to withstand your dog’s usual roly-poly shenanigans but remember to remove it when you get home.

What are you buying as your dog’s Christmas presents? Share your ideas and tips on social media using #PethoodStories.

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