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Has your dog got diabetes?

Has your dog got diabetes?

Q: My nine-year-old spayed Cocker Spaniel has started drinking a lot and always licks her sides afterwards. She is not overweight and gets plenty of exercise. Could she have diabetes?

A: It's possible, so take a urine sample from your Cocker in a clean jar and give it to your vet for testing. If there is glucose present in the urine, then diabetes is the likely cause, and your vet can complete blood tests to confirm the diagnosis. Excessive drinking, or polydipsia, can be seen in many conditions from glandular disorders to kidney disease, although it could just be that warm temperatures or dry indoor environments are causing your dog to consume more water than usual.

Scott Miller, vet

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Kevin O'Keefe
Our dog Miolly developed diabetes over a year ago (she is now approaching 12 years of age). We noticed that although she was very fit and healthy she started drinking a lot of water so we took her to the vets who confirmed she had it. It has taken months to find the correct dose of caninsulin but now (almost a year later) I'm pleased to say her condition has stabilised (she now requires 18 units injected twice daily - which she doesn't like!) Unfortunately secondary to the diabetes she has developed cataracts and is now almost blind. I explored the possibility of cataract removal with an eye specialist and although she would be a good candidate for the procedure the aftercare requires is that extensive that we took th difficult decision not to proceed with it. Molly is a happy and serene Westie with a beautiful loving temperament and I feel very lucky we have her ! Of course I'm pleased we took the decision to have her insured with Petplan as we claim the majority of her treatment costs through them. Once your pet has an ongoing condition such as this you really appreciate how the costs can add up! I would also like to add that claiming for Molly is straight-forward and I'm very satisfied with the service we have received.
jane easom
Our 9 yr old ginger cat was diagnosed as diabetic last June and we are lucky in having a fantastic vet who got the correct dosage after several attempts and let us pay off for his treatment as we are pensioners and not insured. Hammy is now back to his old self and enjoying life again. I should add we also have 2 dogs who are insured. Moral of tale is if you can afford to insure please do so as the cost of maintenance is still expensive.

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