Devon Rex

An extroverted breed who never fails to entertain

Imagine a cheeky little monkey in a cat costume, with a distinct resemblance to ET and you have the Devon Rex cat! Unlike their more elegant cousins, the Abyssinian and Siamese cats, they have a scruffy look that reveals their mischievous and playful nature. They revel in human company, and will often follow you around the house just to be in your company.

Vital Stats

Size: Medium
Coat: Short and curly
Life span: 10 – 15 years
Personality: Mischievous, playful, extroverted
Size medium Coat short
Life span 10-15years
Devon Rex personality and temperament

Devon Rex Personality & Temperament

Devon Rex cats are natural comedians and experts at keeping the whole household entertained.

Devon Rex food and diet

Food & Diet

This low-maintenance breed doesn’t have any specific dietary requirements, but they do need a high-protein diet to keep them healthy.

Devon Rex grooming and coat care

Devon Rex Grooming & Coat Care

This curly-haired cat is a low shedder, but their coat is more delicate than most so grooming should be careful and gentle.

Devon Rex training and behaviour

Devon Rex Training & Behaviour

This fun-loving, impish breed has high energy levels and a low boredom threshold - but that can make for an extremely rewarding training relationship.

Devon Rex before you buy

What to know before you buy or rehome an Devon Rex cat

Bringing a Devon Rex cat home might be the best decision you ever make but there are some things you need to bear in mind before you take the leap.

Devon Rex insurance considerations

Devon Rexs sometimes suffer with certain health conditions and may require treatment. Petplan cat insurance offers peace of mind that they will always be protected.

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